This web page is for demonstration/small dataset only. Please use small dataset as it may take long time to execute. For large read files please download stand-alone from download tab

To convert your fastq file to tab separated file having unique reads and count, please download this program
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Please read the detailed information before using the program on help page

(Optional : Use filter options to reduce computation time. Chosen filter will reduce number of sequences to process. To know more about filters option please read the details given below. Use of filters might compromise accuracy of the classifier)

Filtering options: Cut-off value
Minimum Free Energy - Click for details
Loop size   Click for details
Stem Length   Click for details
Maximum bulge distance from loop   Click for details
Mismatches   Click for details


This module currently works for Homo sapiens model. For standalone version of miR-BAG please go to the download link. here

To know more about miR-BAG please refer to about miR-BAG and performance


miR-BAG Home Page

miR-BAG Workflow
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