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Picrorhiza kurroa is an endangered plant species of medicinal importance mostly found in Himalayan region. It contains monoterpenoids picroside I and II, which are modulated by temperature. The transcriptome information of this species is limited with the availability of few hundreds of expressed sequence tags (ESTs) in the public databases.
Picro-DB is a comprehensive information database of Picrorhiza kurroa Genome which records data in analytical modes for Gene profiling and other regulatory components like repetitive elements, miRNAs and Transcription factors. This database is useful to browse for the potential regulation of genes analyzing details with miRNAs, repeats and Transcription factors. The data and analysis could be accessed in a dynamic way to look up for genes through search, browse the Picrorhiza kurroa Gene in Genome Browser and visually pinpoint the coordinates for their regulatory information, search through miRNAs and their targets, etc. The regulatory searches provide all the information at one place including the expression profile of the selected gene for any experimental condition, the possible transcriptional and post transcriptional factors involved in controlling it. This highly interactive graph based regulatory system visualization platform has been implemented using advanced graph plotting tools and rich visualization libraries of JavaScript and D3.
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Sharma, T., Sharma, N.K., Kumar, P. et al. The first draft genome of Picrorhiza kurrooa, an endangered medicinal herb from Himalayas. Sci Rep 11, 14944 (2021). https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-021-93495-z
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