Expression of SOD and APX genes positively regulates secondary cell wall biosynthesis and promotes plant growth and yield in Arabidopsis under salt stress

Amrina Shafi, Rohit Chauhan, Tejpal Gill, Mohit K. Swarnkar, Yelam Sreenivasulu, Sanjay Kumar, Neeraj Kumar, Ravi Shankar, Paramvir Singh Ahuja, Anil Kumar Singh

Plant Molecular Biology, 2015 Read research article here

A Deluge of Complex Repeats: The Solanum Genome

Mrigaya Mehra, Indu Gangwar and Ravi Shankar*

PLoS ONE, 2015
Read research article here

A legion of potential regulatory sRNAs exists beyond the typical microRNAs microcosm

Ashwani Jha, Ganesh Panzade, Rajesh Pandey and Ravi Shankar*

Nucleic Acids Research, 2015
Read research article here